Jun 23, 2014 at 05:39 PM

BeyondALS.org Takes Flight

By Jos� Cofi�o
The Next Step in Battling ALS

Today we are launching a new tool in our battle to find a solution for ALS. The BeyondALS.org website will help you find resources focused against Lou Gehrig's Disease and links to the latest research in combating it. Ben Trust and I will share our own insights into what is to live with the disease and to live with someone who has been diagnosed with it.

We will focus on giving a true view of this life of ours. The opeartive word being "life". We have clear in our minds the reality of this situation. We are optimistic, but not pollyannish. In these blogs, you will read, not only what is currently happening, but how our experience is helping give a different perspective to work, play, family and the sense of time and place.

Of course, we ask for your help: Spread the word about this disease by sharing this website and the resources herein; Donate as you can, for the solution will be found if we place enough resources in the right place; Participate by helping us create events, or having your company participate in events for raising awareness and funds; and Share your own perspectives so we and others may gain from your experience and wisdom.

We are grateful for the support so many have given us: the kind words, prayers, and positive energy sent our way. They make a huge difference. We are grateful, too, for the gift of time we may have left, however long or short it is. And, we are so grateful you have joined us in the journey.

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