Jul 14, 2014 at 11:23 AM

Living with ALS: Keep Moving as Much as You Can!

By Jos� Cofi�o
Hard Work and Feeling Fine

There are some good days living with ALS. Yesterday was one of those. We spent the last couple of days finishing the move-back process after repairs from the flood: Unpacking what we want in the house, repacking what is going to storage, deciding what to give away, etc. All this culminating with trips to the recycle dump, Goodwill, the storage unit, etc.

Much walking, stair climbing, standing, lifting and the like. Admittedly, the heavy lifting was all Ben, but spending a day without the ankle-foot brace, or using the trekking poles I thought would leave me a wreck. Au contraire, mon frère! When wine time came, I was walking around, unaided, about as well as I have in many days.

Benefits of Exercise To Keep PALS Moving

Ben's grandmother, who lived to be a hundred, was fond of saying "use it, ot lose it". I tend to agree. So, today's lesson: MOVE! As long as I am able, I need to keep my body moving. I am sure others have been doing this - witness Augie Nieto walking his daughter down the aisle after exercising to get ready, breaking the mold of once you are in a wheelchair, no more walking.

Good Days with ALS: Keep Moving as Much as You Can!
Augie Nieto and Daughter Lindsay

Yes, there are days that are tough. For now, though, I will get of my duff and go BeyondALS.

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