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Augie Nieto's top ten reasons why it is good to have ALS

By Augie Nieto

When we asked for his thoughts about ALS, Augie Nieto, who has been living with ALS for over nine years, teaches us it's good to laugh at it.

Augie Nieto's top ten reasons why it is good to have ALS Augie Nieto's List

Here we go...

#10 - The fatter you are, the longer you live

#9 - I can give advice to my kids and they might even listen

#8 - I can hire out as a carpool dummy

#7 - I never have to pay for a meal….because I can’t reach for my wallet

#6 - I get to drink wine through a straw

#5 - I never have to buy new shoes.

#4 - I use the ALS card to get out of jail with my wife

#3 - When I go to the bathroom I don’t have to wash my hands.

#2 - I get to shower with my wife everyday.

AND, the #1 reason why it's good to have ALS...

Lynne & Augie Nieto
Lynne & Augie

I get to experience the love and generosity of my family and friends everyday

Augie Nieto founded Life Fitness, Inc, and made a career out of helping people stay fit. He was diagnosed with ALS over nine years ago. In that time, he has raised over $41 Million for ALS research and serves as Chairman of the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS-TDI). He and his wife, Lynne Nieto, live in Southern California. They are wonderful human beings. We are honored to have them as friends with whom we can share a laugh.

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Sheila Janca

Augie and Lynne, You amaze and inspire myself and my husband! You're lovely people and blessed to have each other! I've been following you since John Ondrasik sang "Augie Nieto", and I had to find out who this amazing man is... and have!
Blessings to you, to all who love and support you, and for all that YOU do!
Much respect,

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Michelle Michael

Augie and Lynne, I want to tell you how lucky we feel to know you and your wonderful family. Hamish and I, as well as Andrew and Heather are simply amazed at your generosity and kindness that you display to each of us. It is always such a pleasure to visit you at your house. Such a sense of peace and happiness throughout your home. Watching Augie exercise, tell jokes, (most of them dirty) and sharing videos and stories with us is always heartwarming. So happy to feel like a part of your family and be included in your events. Hope you have a great day!
The Michael Family

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God bless you amazing people always! Thanks for the life lessons!!! Xo

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Augie you are an inspiration to all. Thank you for everything you do for the ALS community. I am hoping with all the coverage with the "ice bucket challenge", the awareness, the money raised, and all you do, there will be a break through soon. A cure would be a blessing.

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Llora Beth Le Fevre

Augie -

These are so great!
You are an inspiration.
Teaching others laughing in the face of
adversity is a gift.
Best to you & Lynne

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Debra J Burns

Who pays for your medicall I ask cause I know I have this ALS problem. My mom died from this and now my bother is just a head, and the Army pays for his, now I show signs of ALS I don't want to live with this.