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ALS & The Subconscious Mind - Dreaming of a Healthy Body

By Jos� Cofi�o

Dreams of a Healthy Body

An interesting thing has been happening over the past few weeks.
In my dreaming consciousness, I have had very lucid images, complete with the sense of touch, where I am not watching myself, but looking through my own eyes – a very real, aware sensation. What is fascinating about these experiences, is that in every case I am fully mobile, sometimes running as I interact with the world around me. Often, I am helping others get things done: carrying things, assisting with chores, etc.

To put things in perspective, it is I who needs assistance with moving and chores. I now use aid in getting around: a walker around the house and for shorter distances; a compact electric wheelchair for longer “rolls.” Going up stairs requires increasing help in getting my legs to go to the next step as my arms pull my body up.

Awareness and the Dreaming Consciouness

In the dreaming consciousness, I am aware that I am active. I am aware that I have been diagnosed with ALS. I am surprised to be doing the things I am doing. There is an incredible sense of freedom and relief to be active and helpful.

ALS & The Subconscious Mind - BeyondALS Jose Cofino

Perhaps you may expect that, upon returning to a wakeful state, I would be disappointed, or even angry, that it had all been a dream. Surprisingly, even to me, it is quite the opposite: I feel rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of hope. It is as though my subconscious mind knows something my conscious self does not: that, even now, my “self” continues to exist as it always did. It has a bias for action and activity and looks for opportunities to be of help.

I have written (and will continue to do so as I learn more during this journey) about the mind’s ability to help the body heal. I have seen some results from this, and, unfortunately, the opposite causality. Perhaps it is the message of my subconscious awareness to keep letting my deeper consciousness work to move me forward, physically and spiritually.


José Cofiño is living with ALS, having been diagnosed in 2012. He and his partner, Ben Trust, founded BeyondALS to increase awareness about the disease and raise funds for research. He writes and speaks about overcoming adversity. He may be reached at [email protected] and followed on Facebook at BeyondALS. See more at: BeyondALS.org

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Sep 22, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply
Elizabeth Hilliker

I was diagnosed with ALS on Jan 15, 2015
I suspect having ALS JAN 2014....progression is doing its thing and I am trying to fight it, but failing rapidly.

I am holding on to my faith....so many people pulling for me.
I have so much to live for, but will be ready to go when my time comes.

I want to help too .....I need to know that I have this disease for a good reason

keep in touch with positive ideas.

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