Living With ALS BT & JC Thank You

We thank you!

Support José Cofiño and ALS-TDI

GOAL: $1,000,000

Every dollar you donate, pledge, raise, or have your company match goes directly to the the great research work being done by ALS-TDI. It helps us move closer to the day we are truly beyond having ALS be a disease with no treatment or cure. It will no longer be a death sentence for those it afflicts.

When you click on the purple button below, you will be redirected to the ALS-TDI site, so you may make your donation directly to the Institute. 87% of every dollar ALS-TDI gets goes to research. More money in the lab means faster movement to getting beyond ALS.

Remember to come back soon (and often!) to see what's going on with us!

Having you join Ben and me on this journey of hope is important to us.

Thank you! ¡Gracias!