ALS Therapy Development Institute



300 Technology Square
Suite 400
Cambridge, MA 02139

The ALS-TDI Vision

At TDI, we have one urgently important goal: to end ALS. We envision a future where patients no longer die from ALS and where today's patients are alive, well, and enjoying the company of their children and grandchildren.

The ALS-TDI Values

We are committed to creating and leading a transparent collaborative research process that involves ALS patients today and honors those whose journey with this disease has ended. We are guided by passion, love and the spirit of entrepreneurship upon which we were founded.

Facts about ALS-TDI

  • Built by, and for, ALS patients in 1999
  • Led by ALS patients and families today
  • World's first 501c3 non-profit biotech
  • 200+ fundraising events annually by patients and families
  • $100 million raised for ALS drug development to date
  • Largest dedicated ALS research lab in the world
  • Global leader in preclinical drug screening for ALS
  • 15+ active partnerships with biotech/pharma
  • Currently enrolling clinical trial
  • Most active ALS forum online
  • Current staff of 50 in Cambridge, MA
  • History of collaboration with other nonprofits
  • Major laboratory expansion in 2012

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