May 04, 2015 at 11:14 AM

ALS Awareness Month - EVERY Day

By Jos� Cofi�o

ALS Awareness Month

Those of us with a front row seat to the disease are well aware of the fact that May is ALS awareness month. Many are doing their part to spread the word through posts, changing their profile picture and in many other ways. Continued awareness is essential. I am grateful for all this.
Beyond this, I think EVERY day, without regard to season, month or week, is ALS awareness day. I, as all people intimate to the disease, am aware of ALS throughout the day as I think about doing things which required no thought before: getting across the room, for example.

Raising ALS Awarness Everywhere Anytime

However, it is not my awareness that is important, nor that of those around me, or of many reading these words. It is that of the people with whom we come in casual contact that matters. Those who may not know anyone living with ALS, anyone of whom could turn out to make a huge difference financially, with their skills, or in so many other ways of support we may not know.

ALS Awareness Month
What ALS Looks Like

That is why I wear the "This is what ALS looks like" T-Shirt from Artists Lend Support - ALS, why when we interact with anybody: in business, in casual conversations, at the grocery store...anywhere, we explain what is going on. Ben just got back from a successful business trip to NY. It was successful not only from a business perspective, but because every person with whom he interacted, learned something about ALS. He exhausted the stack of BeyondALS business cards he had with him, so that people could go to the website to learn support all of us more.

So, by living our lives honestly (shameless plug for a recent piece I posted on the website), we make people aware of ALS - not just this month, but every day.

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